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During the revolution all the nightlife for a short time stopped in Kiev. Although the revolution passed by, the battle went on, but in a different way. Cxema (pronounced as ‘schema’) is the answer for a younger generation of lost souls in uncertain times. 
Cxema are underground raves held in skateparks, abonded places and forgotten factories. Pounding techno music with no compromises. When we found out they were throwing a NYE party this was our call.
Located between a cemetery and a prison we found Cxema in an enormous abandoned factory hall. On the Facebook event they promised a big LED installation, a lounge and chillout and a whole lot more. They didn’t hold their promises, actually nothing was in place and it was freezing cold but this didn’t hold anyone back to give all they got. Thank god there was some heating in the toilets. A big heating tube with hot water floating through it felt like heaven for fingers which were starting to have a purple color. But actually most people at the party didn’t have any problems with the cold and used different remedies to keep their hands (and body) warm. If you're into any substances prepare to pay up to 25euro for a pill. 
The music was rough. Techno music that makes your heart pop out of your chest. But damn good and no way you could stand still at this tempo. Noise standards was something which nobody had even ever heard of. When I told something about it he couldn’t believe his ears.
We danced till early in the morning and got home at a disgraceful hour. A sign it was one good NYE. 
Found out more about their upcoming events here
Credits for the picture go to Didn't take any ourselves that night, but must say it's really like in the pics.



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