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An underground techno rave concept


This is thé techno club in Kiev. The only ‘real’ techno club in Kiev actually. Local talent and Dj’s from all over Europe come play here. But first you’ll have to pass face control and this has to be taken very serious. The first night we got rejected by the girl at the entrance. “Your situation is not good”, she told us, while making hand gestures atour faces. Our situation was more than good, maybe a bit too much gin tonic but c’mon! Next time we went back, we just tried to act 'Berlin cool' and everything was OK. They don’t like big groups and obnoxious foreigners who spoil the atmosphere. Not talking about us by the way. Inside, the atmosphere was relaxed and it had sort of a summer vibe. Even though it was -20 degrees outside.In total we ended up two times in this place, so it was definitely a nice spot. One time was after NYE in Cxema and although it was already early in the morning dance the club was still full house. The parties even go on till 4 o clock in the afternoon for the real diehards. And don’t bother those diehards too much with conversation on the dance floor everyone comes here to dance till their legs fall of. It’s almost a sport. If you want to have a conversation go to their lounge and outside you can find a smoking area which is the perfect place to chata bit. Entry fee can vary from 5-10 euro and the drinks aren’t too expensive either, for West-European standards. If you’re into techno probably one of the better spotsin Kiev.