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Demolished Houses Of Andras Pandy

We know there is not a lot to see when visiting a demolished house, but the story of Andras Pandy is one of the most gruesome in the history of Brussels so of course we had to share it with you. 

Andrew Pandy was a Hungarian pastor who got his stepdaughter pregnant after raping her. Although, according to him, that was because she used a towel with his semen on it. You might already think: hmm, doesn’t sound like the nicest guy ever but Pandy’s biggest claim to fame was being quite a successful serial killer who is believed to have killed his wife, ex-wife, two biological children, two step-children, seven more unknown women and one man. He kept and killed his victims in his two houses (in the Rue Vandermaelen and Rue Heyvaert) in Brussels so actually it’s not very surprising that there weren’t a lot of people who were jumping for joy to make one of these places their home. In 2013, the same year in which Pandy died, the city decided to demolish the houses.

When you visit the locations, please be aware of used towels laying around. 


Rue Vandermaelen
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


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