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Rent a police segway

Starting in 2006 you could witness the most hilarious sight ever in Brasschaat. Cops on segways. Yes. COPS ON SEGWAYS (shitty movie idea, anybody?) The police thought it would be a good idea to buy Segways - 8 of them, at a price of 55 000 euros per piece… Even more hilarious, the fire-fighting brigade also got one - with special tires for rough terrain. (Seriously, for once we are not making this up). 

After some time, the police realized it was impractical and especially totally ridiculous and they were making a total fool of themselves and they refused to ride on the segways anymore.

They are now being rented out … to tourists. Meaning you! You can rent them at the tourist service. You and your group of shitty friends can rent 4 segways for 40 euros! You get a guide with it, who will guide through the park for 2,5 hours.

Apparently the segway tours are not a great success and most of the time the segways are sitting around doing nothing idly. So was the 440 000 euros of taxpayers money in 8 segways worth it? Who knows? Maybe you should ask the mayor at the time, Dirk De Kort? Or maybe you should ask Loek Van der Poel: he’s the main importer of Segway Benelux and he lives - what an amazing coincidence! - in Brasschaat …

Bredabaan 399
2930 Brasschaat


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