Places in Brasschaat


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A lounge- and champagnebar for "respectable businessmen"

Lego roundabout

Need a new Tinder profile picture? It's right here.

Den Tramhalt

When ordering a beer you’re supposed to give the whole bar a round

Pfaffs Villa

Come see the villa of the most famous family of Brasschaat

The Mansion of Dragons

Expensive cars, plastic surgery MILFs and old money, all for the love of hockey


Chillax roundabout where all the neighborhood kids take drugs

Rent a police segway

Now is your chance to cruise around on a cop-segway in Brasschaat!


Housed in a former world war II bunker - this is a legendary club in Brasschaat nightlife

Las Vegas

It’s a little less glamorous than the real Las Vegas but no less infamous.