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This is one of the shittiest cosy shops in ’t stad. Madame Stunt has opened her shop almost thirty years ago and always liked the interior the way it was, so she didn’t change it one bit. This place was once an Elvis memorabilia shop but when Madame Stunt took over the place she just sold anything she could lay her hands on. One of her first products where badrooms, but after a while this became too heavy for her to carry. Back in the days they were still made of lead and not the plastic ‘brol’ (=crap) of these days she told me.

For a while she also was into shoes, at one point she had a stash of over 1.000 shoes! Today this shop is famous for selling old unique laces which you can’t find anywhere else. But you better be quick ‘cause this will probably be ‘Stunt’s last years.

Madame Stunt is heading towards her seventies and she has always planned to stop at that age. Although she will probably miss it too much and will go on for a couple years. Or she will try to convince her grandchildren to keep the shop open. ‘Yeah I can do one day in the week’ said Jules. MS oldest grandson. I don’t think this would work out, but we’ll see. Go take a look yourself before it's too late!

Turnhoutsebaan 74
Antwerpen Antwerpen


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