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RAFC Den Antwaarp and Den Beerschot

In Antwerpen there are two football clubs. Royal Antwerp Football Club, the red-white, based in Deurne, the northern part of Antwerpen, and Germinal Beerschot, dressed in purple, based in the southern part of Antwerpen. RAFC's fans's are mainly living in the northern part of Antwerpen around Deurne, Borgerhout,... While most Beerschot fans are living at 't Kiel, Hoboken,... The rivalry between these two clubs goes back to the beginning of th 20th century. RAFC's fans where considered as plebs while GB had a more aristocratic status. The difference in social classes dissapeared for the greater part but the battle is still on between these clubs. 

Although Shitty Guide actually doesn't give a damn about football but if we have to support a team it would be RAFC, while attending a game in their famous 'spionnekop', things can't get any shittier. The 'spionnekop' is located accross the opponent's goal and this is where the diehard fans are seated, actually just going completely crazy! Go see it yourself. 

In the meanwhile you can start practicing some songs over here!

Den Bosuil
2100 Deurne


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