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Het Pimpelhof

The bar's curtains are always closed, this makes it impossible to know what’s happening inside in this small place. But once inside you’ll get to know the real Antwerpenaar. 

Everyone is jolly and happy to see a new face. This place is where the locals in 2060 go. Together with the Vogelenzang one of the few Belgian brown bars in the neighbourhood.
Ask the friendly owner, Vera, a beer, you can even choose between stella or juplier, ask Theo, the dj, to play your jam and be prepared to make some new friends. 

One of the most remarkable people we've met in this place was Swa Tattoo. "The living legend" according to Carlo, his son. From top to bottom he's tattood and proud about it. After showing his tattoos on his back, belly etc. It was time for the real deal. He asked us to come with him to the toilet and wanted to show us a tattoo we had never seen in our lives. And we must say it was quite remarkable. "Becky" it said. Having your girlfriend's name as a tattoo has always been risky but having this on your dick takes it to a whole new level.

PS: Becky is his ex-wife ... wow!

Lange Van Sterbeeckstraat 41
2060 Antwerpen


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