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Once a small and quiet village with about thousand inhabitants next to the Schelde river at Linkeroever, today it’s a ghost town with only 28 die hard locals left.

Doel is situated in the middle of an industrial harbor area, next to a nuclear factory. The people of the town didn’t have to leave because of nuclear dangers, the government had plans to expand the harbor in the mid nineties. They wanted to build a dock next to Doel. There were protests but after a lot of juristic jibberish and uncertainties the people had to leave anyway.

After the government decided the people had to leave, a lot of sqautters and looters came to Doel. The people who just had left their houses saw how their windows, bathrooms,… got looted and taken away by everyone.
Soon the village was a sort of lawless place full of squatters, anarchists. This went on for a couple of years till it got on the news one day. Since then the police became very strict and did a big clean up.

Today there are only a few diehards left in Doel but a lot of empty houses, schools,... It could be the perfect setting for a zombie outbreak movie. Most of the houses are empty and full of grafitti. It’s defenitely one of the most spooky places you’ll ever visit.

It’s forbidden to enter the houses, if the police catches you ,you would be fined 250EUROS! Some crazy (angry) local told us a few weeks back, he found a photographer who died because the walls had collapsed, so be careful if you can’t resist going inside.


9130 Beveren


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