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Cinema Royale

It was a lousy sunday and we thought to give Cinema Royale a chance. This is one of the oldest porn cinemas in Antwerpen.

We were standing in front of the cinema just waiting to see who’s coming out of the cinema. Most of them were men around there fifties and were not very eager to answer my questions who was their favorite actor. They probably had to get home in time because of a family dinner. But then there was Jan, he wasn’t in any rush and didn’t have any family dinners planned I guess. He told us the cinema royale is mainly a gay cinema. Middle aged men, or the daddies, meet young fellas or the other way around. So be aware special effects can be taken seriously in this place, forget about 3D folks.

Jan told us it used to be different though. Gay men came here for a casual blow job but these days, you'll have to show green if you want some. "Oh those good old days", he said, "Everyone went to the Van Schoonhovenstraat, you could meet people and have a good time".

The Van Schoonhovenstraat (the street accross the Astridplein parallel with the Van Wesenbekenstraat) used to be one of the most famous gaystreets in Antwerpen. You could hop from one gaybar to another. But as you may have noticed most of them have dissappeared, you'll still find a sex shop in this street but that's about it. You'll still find some hardcore bars behind the corner and Café Strange, one of the oldest gaybars of Antwerpen in the Dambruggestraat.

Koningin Astridplein 12
2060 Antwerpen


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