Places in Antwerp


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Grillhouse 77

Open since '78, which is not a surprise if you enter this restaurant. It could be the interior ofa British 70's sitcom or your grandma's living room (without the weird smell). Their local customers (the average age is around 60) like it this way so why even bother? Even their waiter, always wearing round glasses and a knot, didn't switch placesduring all those years. When he was a kid he used to play around in the house of the owners and always try to sneak into the kitchen like a little spider. That's where he got his nickname 'De Spinnekop' from. If you want to eat some traditional 'boerekost', simple belgian cuisine or grill, this is your joint. Notice: Unfortunately the owners have decided tostop at the end of the year.Can't blame them after 37 years of hard work! CLOSED:mondays and tuesdayOpen from 17:30 - 21:30 Check out there website below:


An excellent fish restaurant where you can order kilos of fish

Frituur Petatje - CLOSED :(

A cosy 2nd hand shop frituur, only in Belgium


An Indian restaurant near the diamond quarter serves a big Indian buffet for very democratic prizes.

Beni Falafel

The Beni is a famous all over Antwerpen. Actually the place ain't that shitty, almost every guidebook writes about it. It's still the best in town! Although they have some serious competition these days with Falafeltov at the hoogstraat.Only they lack the atmosphere and decoration... In this joint you'll find all range of people from the hipster regular to the big Indian Family. You'll never feel alone in this place. If you're into humus def. trythe Falafel Humus or the Falafel Schotel. A small note: they are closed on Saturdays because of Shabbat. It wouldn't be the first time standing in front of a closed door.


Chinese restaurant in the middle of the Rosse Buurt.