Places in Antwerp


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Cafe Strange

An oldfashioned Antwerp gaybar.


In your midforties and look

Cafe Beveren

There used to be a time when every ‘volks café’ (=folk bar) in Antwerpen had it's own organ. Years went byand theorgan had to make place for the jukebox. A couple year later a jukebox wasexchanged for a crappy dj set with an even shittier DJand nowadays you just have to pushthe sync button. Except for Café Beveren they said: "Zwaaanst na ni hé?" (which means 'Are you kidding me?') They were stuburn and still have one of the only decap organs in the city of Antwerpen. For 50 cent a little orchestra will play your favorite classics and even some crappy hits like the Ketchup song. It's a nice bar and has some local flavor but it's actaully in every guidebook out there. Still it's an experience and if you're around definitely go check it out.

'T Keteltje

One of the most legendary bars in the Red Light District

Zevende Hemel

A bar in the middle of 'de rosse buurt' called 'Seventh Heaven'

In De Stad Aalst

A cosy brown bar near Central Station

De Vogelenzang

An authentic brown bar which has opened in 1830, the year Belgium became a country.

Het Pimpelhof

A charming little bar in Antwerp Noord

Cafe De Reiger

A brown bar located next to the Stuivenberg Hospital.