Places in Antwerp


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Carnotstraat / Turnhoutse Baan

There are a lot of treasures in this street. A lot of pitas, kitsch interior shops, foreign supermarkets and loads of 1 euro shops where you can buy your crappy antwerp souvenirs. This is the road to shitty Antwerpen.This street is also one of the least bike friendly streets of Antwerpen. It's an adventure to get around with your bike 'cause you'll have dodge for cars, buses, trams and people all at the same time. Thank younew city mobility plan!

Ganzenrijden In De Polders

This is a yearly traditional event intowns in the Kempen (Lilo, Stabroek, Zandvliet,...). In short some drunk guys riding on a horse in farmer’s clothing trying to pull off the head of goose hanging on a stick. In these villages it’s a battle between menbecoming King or Emperor. Why would they do such thing? First of all it's a tradition. People do stupid thingsif it comes totraditions right? We wrote a small reportabout our visit the ganzenrijden in Stabroekand some things you should know about this absurd folklore! Read about here.

Lint City

Lint is lovely shitty town 20km from Antwerp where you can still find real farmers and shitty hobby clubs. Visit the Pigeon Club to talk about pigeons. When you get thirsty, go to the Horse Club to drink a fresh glass of horse milk, maybe you even get to milk the horses yourself. Or maybe if you enjoy fishing you can easily spent your afternoon in the park of Lint, where the Fishermen Club fishes and never even catch a damn thing, but that’s not important, right?Lint also has the smallest roundabout in Belgium and right there on a corner you can find the oldest bartender in Flanders, Lucienneke, she is now 91years old! Her shitty brown bar has cheap Duvel and other beers. Lucienneke is also famous for the best drafted 'bolleke', the world famous Antwerp De Koninckbier. Notice: Lucienneke passed away 9th January. A monument has passed. RIP and may the bollekes be with you.

RAFC Den Antwaarp and Den Beerschot

Antwerp football at it's best