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Cafe Jozef

Loaded with 60 somethings, having a party on a sunday afternoon. This is where 'ouw vrijsters', spinsters, go during the weekend to have a party and find a hookup. If your couchrequest got cancelled last minute and you don't mind to learn to ride on an old bycicle, this may be your last resort.

One of the most interesting stories about this place actually is about Prince Roger Nelson or The artist formerly known as Prince. Prince once got locked up in the toilets of Café Jozef. In the eighties Prince had to perform in Antwerpen one night. He was wandering through Antwerpen on his way to an after party. He walked past Café Jozef and went in for a drink when he saw a live band playing. No one recognized him, the average age is about 60 years old and they would rather listen to Luc Steno then to Prince.

When a couple moments later he saw his manager walk by, he fleed to the toilets and locked himself. He couldn’t get out and started calling for help. The toilet lady helped him out and asked him surprised if he couldn’t speak Flemish?

Astridplein 45
2018 Antwerpen


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