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Cafe D'Anvers

A club in the middle of the ‘Rosse Buurt’ since 1989.  It used to be one of the best, if not the only, techno club in Antwerpen. The most famous dj’s in the techno scene have played here and still do. The venue has an industrial feel and the story goes it once used to be a church. Instead of praying for god, people are now praying for the dj on the altar.

Although the last couple years the club has lost some of his legendary status. The atmosphere can be a bit weird and dark. The crowd can be a weird mix of people. Tight drugged out johnnies, whore mongers, Thai shemales, 16 year olds, dutch tourists but it really depends which night you go. Saturdays it's full of Dutch tourists and on a Thursday you can expect shitty music and huge crowds of sixteen year olds. 

The beer is expensive (3euros) for fuckin' Heineken in 20cl glass and if you want to go to the toilet you have to pay 50c. The entrance fee is around 10-15euros. Do the math and you know it's gonna be an expensive evening. 
But we have to give some credits though. It used to be a club which gave us a introduction to techno music and still if there's a big artist playing you can have a great evening in this place. Just don't go there if there isn't something going on, then you'll be better of in Petrol, Piaf or some other place.

Verversrui 15
2000 Antwerpen


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