Places in Antwerp


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China Town

The only recognized China Town in Belgium, beat that Brussels! If you don't have a Chinatown in your city,could you even call yourself a capital? This is one of the many reasons Antwerpen is the real capital of Belgium. We could name dozens of other reasons but this is another topic. We're writing about Chinatown. Not Brussels. In this street you'll find a someof Chinese (duh), Thai, Malaysian, let's say Asian restaurants. Some of them can be pricey, especially the Chinese ones, but most of them are quitecheap, look for the Thai or Malaysian places. But if you're a real cheapo and you're you can just go to the Sun Wah, the first big store you'll see when you enter China Town. In here you can find everything you'll need to prepare yourself a Pad Thai, green curry or whatever which puts your ass on fire

De Leeuw Van Vlaanderen

The most hated bar in Antwerpen

Café Cabron

Too good for this guide really

Antwerp's City Cancer

Got cancer? Probably not (yet). The city has it though. It’s located in a shady street right behind the coninckplein.

Murad's Nightshop

The oldest nightshop in town. Already for 25 years Murad is serving carapils to the Antwerpenaar and beyond.

Tipanan Karaoke

Karaoke as it should be. Lame synthesizer sounds, check. Cheesy visuals, check. This one has it all. Best karaoke in town.


Hardcore. Is the least you could say about the Kinkys, a fetish gay club near De Coninckplein. Golden shower thursdays, naked mondays, you name it. No taboos in this joint! The legend goes: during a police raid in the Kinkys, Serge Muyterswas found with a fist in his butthole. 'Ieder zenne eigen meug’ (=everyone has its own taste) but just don’t get busted if you are the main chief of the Antwerp police. If you’re not into the hardcore stuff but just want to take a sneak peak you can always do their virtual tour: Dresscode: Naked - Jockstrap - Underwear - Harness - Fetish wear

City's cancer

Got cancer? Probably not (yet). The city has it though. It’s located in a shady street right behind the Coninckplein.


Chinese restaurant in the middle of the Rosse Buurt.