Places in Antwerp


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Cafe Strange

An oldfashioned Antwerp gaybar.

Rubens Statue

Go to the Groenplaats and walk towards Rubens in the middle of the square till you stand in front of him and make eye contact. Next, make 90 degrees turn right and walk a few meters away from the statue. Now you’ll have to turn around 180 degrees to Rubens in profile. Now look closely at his thumb. After you've done this passers byprobably think you're some kind of OCD retard but if you’ve found the right angle you will now see Rubens in full glory having boner.

Thissen Biljart

In this shop you find pool tables and sports accecoiries. They even sell tables which cost more than 6000EUROS! It’s not that fascinating, but the best part you can find in a little room at the store on the first floor. Here you can find a pool table dating back from the 18th century! Did you even know they played pool (or was it snooker?) back then? There’s also a little room with discounts which is cool. You can find some cool vintage lampshades for a decent price

Grillhouse 77

Open since '78, which is not a surprise if you enter this restaurant. It could be the interior ofa British 70's sitcom or your grandma's living room (without the weird smell). Their local customers (the average age is around 60) like it this way so why even bother? Even their waiter, always wearing round glasses and a knot, didn't switch placesduring all those years. When he was a kid he used to play around in the house of the owners and always try to sneak into the kitchen like a little spider. That's where he got his nickname 'De Spinnekop' from. If you want to eat some traditional 'boerekost', simple belgian cuisine or grill, this is your joint. Notice: Unfortunately the owners have decided tostop at the end of the year.Can't blame them after 37 years of hard work! CLOSED:mondays and tuesdayOpen from 17:30 - 21:30 Check out there website below:


In your midforties and look

Tafeltje Rond

A girl dancing on the bar while the whole bar is trying to grab her ass, which she actually didn't mind too much, while her mother was cheering to her. Guys being too fucked upto even knowthey are actually kissing a transexual. People who look like they've been awake for a week but still aren't planning to go to sleep for the next 48 hours. This is Tafeltje Rondon a saturday morning11 o clock. A bar next to the city hall at the Grote Markt. If you really don't wanna go to sleep this is could be your last stop after a long night of bar hopping.

Cafe Beveren

There used to be a time when every ‘volks café’ (=folk bar) in Antwerpen had it's own organ. Years went byand theorgan had to make place for the jukebox. A couple year later a jukebox wasexchanged for a crappy dj set with an even shittier DJand nowadays you just have to pushthe sync button. Except for Café Beveren they said: "Zwaaanst na ni hé?" (which means 'Are you kidding me?') They were stuburn and still have one of the only decap organs in the city of Antwerpen. For 50 cent a little orchestra will play your favorite classics and even some crappy hits like the Ketchup song. It's a nice bar and has some local flavor but it's actaully in every guidebook out there. Still it's an experience and if you're around definitely go check it out.

Izzy Maze



A market place where they do auctions on friday.